WEIRD!!!! That’s what came out of my mouth after the movie.. I mean, no story of the movie, no base.. nothing… but still it made me laugh atleast.. haha

Okay, let me give you some idea about the plot..

As mentioned earlier, the movie does not have any story, it has but it was a joke.. crazy weird stuff.. 2 people meet at weird place, end up doing weird things and then fall in love.. but one of them doesn’t realize… and then there is a happy ending with a kiss… hahah

Btw, the story is nothing new, it is basically ripped off from Korean movie called My Sassy Girl (released in 2001)..

Okay, so quick review time..

First half was pretty good compared to 2nd one.. atleast few scenes made me laugh.. though none of the scenes made any sense.. but the things went haywire when Mallika started crying.. now that was something no one would want to see.. why? Simple… she cannot do all those rona dhona stuff..

The songs were added just for the sake of adding some music in the film.. I personally did not like any of the songs..the music was by our own.. Aanuu Maalik.. no no.. Annu Malllik… no no sorry.. Aannuu Maliik.. damn, whatever the spelling is but you got it right? So obviously, when he gives the music.. it has to be bad.. and this guy even dared to sing for a song.. Shut Up, Aa Nachle is the name.. the first song itself..

Okay, so now on the acting front.. Ranvir Shorey was FANTASTIC.. perfect from the beginning through the end. He acted so well, infact I really loved few scenes.. spl. the cycle one.. the one where he exchanges his shoes with Mallika etc.. nice stuff… on the other hand Mallika Sherawat was good but she should strictly stay away from rona dhona kind of stuff.

So, overall this movie was wacky kind of.. the movie doesn’t make any sense… the story too is kind of stupid but keeping the same story, I think movie could have been made much better than the current one.. but the director lost at many places. Added few unwanted scenes.. (the terrace suicide one.. it could have been shown in a better way). The movie also leaves many question marks if we think hard over it..bad music.. few bad characters.. (Kuhu’s parents.. specially Tinu Anand was waste)

But but but.. apart from all that.. the move stands at [rating:2.5/5]. All credit goes to Ranvir Shorey…

You can wait for the DVD and watch it.. or if you are like me.. (who wants to be in the theatre every Friday), then go for it.. but don’t blame me in the end.. this one is not something which will be liked by everyone…

Movie should do decent business in Multiplexes atleast.. I don’t see chances of it doing good in single screens..