Well, this letter was sent to all the shop owners in our area.. this one is regarding the rule of having shop names in Maharashtrian language. The rule was passed by BMC in 1960.

And this letter?

Well, it was sent by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS).

So what does this letter say?

You would have understood if you know to read Marathi. But for the ones who cannot understand Marathi.. here we go..

(I am translating the whole thing, specially the highlighted areas as a summary.)

By not putting your shop hoarding in Marathi, you are insulting Maharashtra & a common Maharashtrian man, which is a sin / not legal. On behalf of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, we are giving you period of 1 month to put up the boards in Marathi. (As this law was already passed in 1960)

And if you do not change your boards in Marathi and do not speak Marathi with your customers, we will make sure we teach you Marathi in our terms and I will personally take care of the things.

If you do not take this warning seriously then we will make sure that how to tackle you. It’s better you understand this and implement in a month, otherwise we know how to handle the issue.

I am not able to understand who authorized them legally to send these kind of threatening letters to anyone.

The things they have mentioned might be right but the way it’s been put up is completely wrong and unethical. And apart from that, our current ruling government is allowing this kind of “dadagiri”.

I am really worried about the future of our country, every political party is running behind the votes. No security for a common man. And I am not even sure, how a common sensible man will vote for them? (After seeing all these things)

And we call it Democracy.. haha

If you wish to read whole letter, then do check it here