9 bomb blasts in Bangalore, 16 in Ahmedabad, few live bombs and explosives found in Surat.. more than 50 people dead, more than 100 injured..

Some terrorist group email the officials warning about the blasts.. the terrorists openly send out warning emails to everyone, asks Muslim actors not to act in movies..

Government officials make false promises.. money is given to the blast affected family.. but nothing happens.. the same cycle goes on and all..

I go through the same set of thoughts every time I hear the news about the blasts..

I do not see any security for the common man.. No CCTV cameras, the security gets tighten up only when these kind of incidents occur.. but there are always many loopholes behind this tight security..

The security check depends upon the earlier bomb blast incident.. if earlier incident had bomb planted in the cycle.. the security guys check the cycles, leave aside the cars..  no one bothers to check the stuff properly, all they do is, open up car’s deck, look around for the things and that’s it.. no proper security devices.. nothing…

It is still easy to plant the bomb anywhere in Mumbai or India…

Still money takes the high priority compared to security of a common man. Corrupted officials play big role in this. And once their part is done, the government goes easy on the terrorists. why? Just for the sake of votebank..

Afzal is still in Jail.. government do not have answer about why he is not hanged till now.. they have forgotten the people who got killed in the parliament blast..

The terrorists are laughing over this and these kind of incidents are encouraging them more..

But the things will never change..

Money, votebank.. a common man..