Believe me, I am still Yawning.. what a pathetic movie.. I mean, did they even know what they wanted to achieve by mixing few Hindi movies? Some portion from Munnabhai.. old age home and stuff.. some portion from some other movies.. hit Music.. and some funny numerological movie title.. – surely does not make a movie hit.. They just presented old wine in bad bad bad new bottle.. (This one is copied version for English movie Just My Luck too)

Okay, let’s move on to the story, the plot..

Raj Malhotra (Shaid Kapur) is an intelligent person but due to his bad luck he never gets the things right.. he has lost his faith in the things.. but presence of one girl.. Priya (Vidya Balan) changes his bad luck to good luck.. but now in this, Raj lies to Vidya about certain things and the story moves on..

Wanna read a better version? Check it out on Wikipedia

Okay.. the movie starts of pretty well.. i.e. first 10 – 15 minutes.. but after that the whole thing becomes predictable.. the worst part was when Priya was shown running an old age home..  simply pathetic.. I do not have any words to define how pissed off I am..

Even, Juhi Chawla’s character was really stupid.. it did not make any sense to me.. she even couldn’t make anyone laugh.. she should retire from the movie scene or look out for some GOOD roles.. not any stupid roles like this one..

The music was good.. actors were good but the plot was the weakest part…

Shahid was good, Vidya was good.. even other actors were perfect (Except Juhi Chawla).

I really do not want to say anything more about the movie.. all I know is.. I have wasted my money on it and I do not want you to do the same..


About the rating.. hmm.. [rating: 1.5/5] should be more than enough.. the stars are only for the music and cinematography..

On the box office front.. the movie might get good opening due to heavy promotions but I do not see it doing good in long run..