It’s been pretty long since I have posted something personal.. been too busy with the stuff.. sorting out the things..

So what’s up?

I have been playing GTA IV almost all the nights.. that surely gives me relief from the daily work load..

Also hunting for a good web 2.0 designer for my company.. trust me.. finding the right guys is the most difficult part in running a company.. you have to keep on calling the guys, some of them will come for the interview, few of them will be good for 2nd round and out of that, few will get job at other companies in between.. and in the end, you get handful of people to select from and none of them knows the stuff you need.. so hire one guy.. train him.. within 6-7 months.. he will kick your but off and move to other company…haha this is how the life is..

Apart from job hunting, I have been playing around with version 2.0 of my iPod Touch software. I just have one word, FANTASTIC. The App Store simply rocks..  now, that’s a different story that because of my laziness or may be carelessness, I lost all the songs while upgrading to version 2.0 (It formats the device)..But yea, I am loving this version 2.0

And Yes, the last thing.. if you guys are using Twitter, then you can follow me here:

I have been posting the stuff quite regularly out there..

OK, I am done for now..