I don’t need luck because I have love.

OK OK OK, before you think of hitting me, I am not the author of this line.

The credit goes to Mr. Baweja, our own, Harman Baweja. I went for the movie without any expectations and at the end of the movie, I left with lot of expectations. From movie? From Harman? Nah, from this review, I am expecting this review to be much more entertaining than the movie. So are you guys ready? Hell, Yeah, I am sure you guys are..

So here we go..

The story?

A rich guy, Karan (Harman Baweja), who is not so happy with his life as his dad does not love him and his mother is no more. So, we see the guy in tears and all. But suddenly, one fine morning he sees one girl trying to catch a butterfly, she closes her eyes and the butterfly is in her hand.

So? Now the guy finds it cool, he tries it.. butterfly is in his hand. So what? Well, their love starts with Butterfly.

The guy now goes to watch some cycle racing stuff, the girl is also there, she approaches the guy thinking he is her best friend’s boyfriend and asks him to win the race for her. The guy asks his friends to arrange a cycle and some stuff as he was there to WATCH the race. Ok, the guys wins. Misunderstandings clear, they go on a date. In this process, 2-3 songs and some stupid bus scene takes place.

Now, the girl leaves for her home in train but the guy doesn’t know where did she go, he misses the train. So now what?

Well, our dear Butterfly comes again, jumps on the screen where the station names have been listed, then moves to some station name.

So? Well, it means, according to the butterfly, the girl is staying on that station. So the guy goes there.. and miracle.. he finds her there.

The love story starts, guy’s uncle come in picture.. Uncle Ya (Ya, it is a funny name haha) Boman Irani..such a great actor.. but must have been paid good money. Uncle Ya has some time machine using which we can go to anytime, future or past.

Okay, back to the love story, the girl and guy are about to have a cold kiss. (Watch the movie to know that.. haha) and accident… the girl is no more.

The guy cries, asks his uncle to bring back the time but machine got hung, they can’t go back but they can go in future, they decide to go in year 2050.. Mumbai..

Okay, interval..

Everyone in the theatre is cheering, I could see the happy faces.. nah, not because they liked the movie.. but because they got chance to eat something.. coz in first half Harman was busy eating their head with those stupid lines and songs.

Session 2…

They are in the year 2050.. guy is looking for the girl in this new world.. so how does he find it?

Okay, some funny things happen before he finds the girl.. this 2050 does not have any cars with the wheels (all cars are flying ones) but still CEAT tyres is happy to celebrate 100 years.. stupid people..

There are ads of Xbox 360, Sun, Tata Indicom, Lux etc.. all over the sky..

Okay, back on girl finding mission. The guy finds the girl, how? Well, the Butterfly comes to the rescue again.. it jumps on some TV screen and we see the girl on it..

She is a pop sensation.. she starts singing in the sky..

What song?

“Hey you lover boy. Will you be my toy.”

The guy is impressed..

Okay, the love story starts soon after that..

Oh yea, there is a live game too.. Mortal Combat, the guy goes in one cube, the girl in another. They both wear some funny costumes. 7-8 XBOX 360 consoles… the girl says.. best of luck.. the guy promptly replies.. I don’t need luck.. because I have love..

The girl gives smile.. and they start fighting.. the girl wins, does some Chinese stuff in the end.. “I win, I win” kinda stuff..

Okay, so any villain?

Yea, there is one bald guy with lots of computer chips fit on his head… who speaks like a robot and who’s face is covered by some funny helmet aka mask.

So they fight and all for 5 minutes.. and there is a happy ending…

So that’s it.. it took them more than 3 hours to narrate this junk.

And, I am still not able to understand why the movie’s name is Love Story 2050. The main character of the movie is a Butterfly which helps these guys to be in love.. I think they should have named the movie as “Titli Rani” (Butterfly Queen – a funny combination of words in Hindi)

I mean, dudes.. 50 crore+ budget, they are introducing some rich guy’s son.. why can’t take make a good movie? They chose Anu Malik for the music.. Anu Malik, who is still in his Dholak and Tabla age.. who still prefers copying worst tunes from all over the world.. and what’s up with the acting?

Spend some 2-3 crores on the acting man… Harman can’t even act.. he tries to copy Hritik and he fails badly in that. Yea, he dances well but there is no point in spending 50 crores just to show his dance skills right?

And Priyanka.. what’s wrong with her too.. damn she was trying to act like a cutipie? According to her, kicking on the back of her so called toy or teddy bear is cool.. Grr.. get a life..

The guy and girl were crying in song, everyone in the theatre were laughing out loud.. does it make any sense? Yes, it does.. Harman can’t act..period.

The Cinematography was pretty impressive, the graphic work was somewhat good but it looked more like a video game with lots of ads. The city did not look real at all.

The background music was pathetic.. but Anu Malik wins the race here.. no one can beat him.. he is the worst. Each and every song is worse than other one. It was more like a competition of worst songs. (Leaving Milo Na Milo apart)

Okay, I am done with this piece of Junk now.

Bad Bad Bad movie…  I would give it [rating: 1/5]

On the box office front, it should be a Flop or Average movie.. but higher chances of Flop as the budget is high and the movie is worst. 

I am off to sleep now, no stamina to double check the post.. will check it tomorrow… I hope you guys loved the review..