Okay, I just returned from the movie, Via Darjeeling. I am not sure how this review gonna turn up but the movie is surely not worth those Rs. 200.

Let’s jump to the movie’s story.. Well, it looked like a copied version of some English thriller. But let’s assume that it is an original story. A couple goes to Darjeeling for honeymoon, suddenly the husband disappears, the police comes in the picture, wife explains the story to the police guy.. CUT, next scene, the same police guy is actually narrating the story to his friends.. everyone tries their luck in finishing the story.. and that’s it.

We get to see same things almost 3-4 times. (Afterall, every friend in the room has right to make their own stories)

And in the end you find that, the actual story is not something you have been watching for past 1 and half hour. (or may be there is no actual story, it was all imagination) – Yea, I know it’s more like WTF like situation, but can’t really help it.

Ok, I am done with the story I guess.. now let’s talk about the acting.

Vinay Pathak, well, he was good but I am not sure why did he act in this movie? Just for the sake of helping someone make a “movie”? Same applies to Kay Kay Menon, Rajat Kapoor, Simone Singh.. infact every actor except Sonali Kulkarni. Coz I am sure Sonali must be looking for a change (getting into something other than TV shows).

Let me take this Sonali thing bit further. I am really not sure what happened to her acting skills. I mean, come’ on, what the hell she was doing? Was she trying to act? Trying to cry? Trying to make “cute” faces? Pathetic.

Okay, I am done with this too.. anything else left? I guess nothing.. Oh, Yea… the warning.

Okay, here I go. If you wish to watch this movie, please watch it at your own risk. I have tried (and still trying) my best to stop you from watching this movie. But in the end, it’s your call.

Oh Yes, there are couple of songs too.. (Look, I am still trying..)

Stars? Are you still bothered about them?