A friend calls on Friday, orders Megha and Me to come for the play, “Class of 84” with them.. I was like.. no yaar, I am not much into plays.. but all those excuses doesn’t work.. tickets for Sunday are already booked..

Sunday..We decide to leave at around 4.30 PM for the play.. (Starting at 6.30 PM), at 4, it started raining heavily.. I don’t lose hope, I got one more excuse but all in vain..finally we leave at around 4.45 PM.. we reach the NCPA at around 6.40 PM, I was thankful that we missed first 10 minutes of the play..

The play finally started..I started involving myself in the play and believe me.. I totally enjoyed it.. it was a total fun play.. great actors like Rajit Kapur made the play more special.. (Infact all the actors were good)

And now, I regret that we could not reach for the play at time.. we shouldn’t have missed those 10 minutes..

A great play.. if you like watching plays then this is a must watch..

Check the review on Mouthshut

Okay, so the play is over.. now what? We rushed to Koyla at Colaba, we had reserved a table at 8.30 PM but we were already late by 15 minutes.. our table was given to someone else (as we were late).. we reached Koyla at around 9 PM, waited for 15 minutes.. and got the table.. enjoyed my favorite, Chana Chaat Trust me, it tastes damn damn good.. around 11 PM, it started raining heavily.. we finished our dinner in hurry, left the place.. and.. suddenly the rain stopped.. lol

We finally reached home at 12 in the midnight. Enjoyed the whole day.. though we were running all the time.. (late show, late restaurant and rains..) haha but it was fun..