People should start thinking broader, think beyond “me and myself”. I really do not understand why people have narrow thinking, why they can’t think beyond “myself”, think selflessly.

The day when we all start thinking selflessly, it will be the world’s happiest day. Helping out people without expecting anything gives the happiness which nothing else can give. But people fail to understand that.

On the narrow thinking, let me quote something which I had mentioned in Orkut’s Lohana (My cast) Community. This is about visiting temples but focuses more on the topic which I am trying to explain through this post.

My personal views are bit different on the temple thing. I think, it does not matter if you go to the temple or not, what matters is the faith and the way you live. We just need to get out of the “me and myself” shell, need to think lot more beyond that, think about how we can make the world a better place, think broad rather than limiting our thinking to something really narrow.

If you are not able to think selflessly then going to temple is not going to help at all. I personally never visit any temple coz I do not believe in visiting temples, for me, god is inner me who is always with me in my bad times, in my good times, it teaches me how to learn from mistakes, it punishes me if I am doing anything wrong, it praises me if I am doing something good..

I have seen people strongly believing in god, visiting temples everyday, every Thursday; but after stepping down from the temple, they are no humans. I have seen many visiting beer bars, many behaving badly with people.. I have no idea what’s in their mind.. i don’t know if they are in impression that going to temples will make them look good in front of the god?

I know few of you might not agree with my thinking but that’s how I am, just need to think in a broader manner, think beyond the temples, beyond the cast but need to think about the world, think about humans, in the end we all are humans. And the day we succeed in that, god will start showering the blessings at you.

Just my 2 cents of philosophy though…


Note: I am by no means trying to prove that going to temple is wrong. It is belief of every individual and everyone is free to think best of their mind.

The point is, we just need to think in broad. Not to get stuck in our own narrow world. We need to grow up. We need to grow.. we need to grow..