I have been member of SeventyMM for around 1 year. On their website, they have a nice option to add DVDs in the queue and set priorities for the movies. I generally select the movies and once done, I set the priorities and save the changes.

I had used this facility earlier and they had shipped wrong movies (the ones at low priority), eventually they had apologized to me for the mistake earlier. But today, the same thing happened.

I got their email at around 9 in the morning, I called them to confirm at around 9.30 AM. The person on other hand told me the shipping guy has already left, I was kind of shocked to know that they don’t even confirm before sending the movies.

Ok, it doesn’t matter if they don’t have  confirmation system but they should atleast send the movies which are on top priorities right? I asked the person about the same, she said but the movies have been sent and those were already in your list.

Now, this made me kind of pissed off, I simply told her that it doesn’t matter if the movies are in the list or not, you should sent the ones which are on top priority, what’s the point of the priority list then?

After some discussion she finally agreed to send the top priority movies tomorrow but yet she didn’t bother to apologies for the mistake they had done. I really felt as if I am talking to someone in government department. Her voice was more like a killer voice.. haha no I meant, actually killer voice.. like the one we get to hear in government offices. You feel like, you are gonna be killed very next moment.. for what? for calling them for help… haha

I know this is nothing something major but this is surely something stupid on their part. On one side, they keep priority list and on the other side, their system simply ignores it. It really doesn’t make any sense to me.

I am not sure whether entry of BigFlix has affected them or not? I would personally not recommend SeventyMM, try BigFlix and see. But if there is no other option, SeventyMM should be fine.

Note: For those who do not know, SeventyMM and BigFlix are movie rental websites / companies.