If you have watched the trailers of the movie Jannat, you must have got excited to know about match fixing and stuff. And many of you might have gone for the movie too.. (I could see that in the theatre with 80% of the seats being occupied in an afternoon show) But I have come to the rescue for the ones who still wish to go for the movie..

Okay, the plot revolves around a guy who starts with small time gambling and moves into betting, (Reason: His powerful sixth sense) and then moves to Match Fixing but all these things are not known to his girlfriend, so you know what will happen when she gets to know right?

Okay, so the review time now..

The movie started with portraying character of Arjun Dixit (Emran Hashmi) started well showing the image of a person who wants to earn lot of money in a short period of time and who is not worried about winning or losing. Okay, now, the lady love enters, Zoya (Sonal Chauhan), the gambler turns into a lover boy, breaks the glass of some shop to impress the girl. (That was purely stupid though) Uses friend’s money to buy a costly ring (He was supposed to pay that money to someone), the girl is in love with the guy. Now he needs a car?  He tries his luck at betting, his “sixth sense” makes him a millionaire within an hour. (Yea, it sucks)

So the point of these things in review? Well, I am trying to point out that the whole movie is based on so called “sixth sense” of Arjun, no tricks, no calculations, just pure luck. He guesses, Ganguly will hit six on the next ball and he does, He guesses, Sehwag will be out on next ball and it happens..

To be frank, these things doesn’t fit well in my tiny head. Just makes me say “Dude.. show me the real stuff.. not crap” But it never happens, the movie takes a good turn with love story. Sonal Chauhan tries to impress the audience and I guess she succeeded too. Must say, she looked pretty bold. Infact, Emran Haashmi was also good, very good acting.

Very good music, very good cinematography but what was bad then? The story.. it was very poor, execution was pretty bad too, specially the climax. It was simply pathetic, I could see many people walking out.

IF, the movie was executed well, IF the story had bit more about bookies (how they work and all), IF the movie did not have typical Mahesh Bhatt types ending.. then it would have been a much better movie but sadly, it did not happen.

I am quite disappointed with Jannat. I would rate it [rating:2.5/5] You can surely give it a miss and go for Narnia instead.

Box office wise, I think it should pick up well due to cricket and stuff, not sure about the future though.