Watched few movies last week.. so here are the quick reviews:

  1. The Darjeeling Ltd. – Very different movie, in the beginning, I didn’t like it much but the end result was good. Pretty decent movie, only 1 and half hours though but worth visiting theatre once for it.
  2. Iron Man – Fantastic movie, a must watch. Really enjoyed watching it. Loved the display of gadgets in the lead actor’s home / office. Action scenes were pretty smart.
  3. The Forbidden Kingdom – Good movie, nothing great though but if you like Kung Fu fighting and Jackie Chan, don’t miss this one. Great fight scenes, worth watching once.
  4. Tashan – Anil Kapoor was simply the worst of all, I would have preferred someone hitting on my head than listening to crappy dialogues of Anil Kapoor. Akhay Kumar was good but still not worth spending money only for him. Saif, Kareena were OK OK. I am still not able to grasp why Kareena was needed to put off the weight for this movie. The movie missed story, screenplay and direction too. Fight scenes were utter crap, above the head, confusing and too loud. Climax made no sense to me. They tried to show Kareena like Uma Thurman of Kill Bill but ended up showing some funny action scenes. Overall, the movie sucked. 

That’s it for now, next week looking forward to Mimoh Chakraborty’s Jimmy. (I love to watch stupid movies..) and Amitabh Bachchan starring Bhoothnath.