Well, the day has been pretty good and Google added some more fun in it.. I found this FedEX box on my desk when I returned home..

Fedex Box

The label said, from Google, this made me bit excited about this unexpected gift.. opened it..

Letter from Google

Ok, enough of “guess the gift” game..

it had 16 GB iPod Touch..

iPod Touch Box

Now the question is, how in the world I got it? Well, couple of months back, Google had some kind of survey for Adsense users and they had iPod touch as gift for the winners. I filled the survey, answered the questions with my personal suggestions.. and luckily I got this iPod from them 🙂

Never expected, infact I had forgotten about it also but yea, I love this kind of surprises..

Usability wise, it is fantastic, just superb, great features, Wifi option, surfing, mail check options.. actually almost all the features of iPhone.

So, that’s it.. time to play with my iPod Touch..

Me Listening to iPod Touch