Ok, for those who don’t know. This one is written and directed by Ajay Devgan. It’s his directional debut. Returned from the movie at around 3 AM (the show had started bit late) So, don’t get shocked if you see some grammatical or spelling mistakes ahead.

So here we go…

The plot is about a husband who loves her wife very much and is always with her, no matter what she is going through. The movie starts with a sweet love story between Ajay (Ajay Devgan) and Piya (Kajol Devgan), the love story which starts in a cruise, takes the form of Marriage and commitment. The life becomes standstill when Ajay gets to know that Piya is suffering from brain disease called Alzheimer. (In simple words, short term memory loss). What will Ajay do now? Rest is to watch..

I was personally touched by the story and the way it was narrated, it somehow left an impact on me though it was a very common story. There was some kind of magic in the movie which touched heart of many people, may be it could be simplicity of the story or may be it was the director who knew how to handle situations well.

But being said that, it does not mean that everything was rosy. Here are couple of the things which did not fit well..

  1. Too many songs, specially in the 2nd half, unnecessary stuffing of unbearable songs was one of the worst points of the movie.
  2. Not so good execution of the movie / story, the whole movie becomes pretty much predictable in the interval itself. (To be frank Megha – my wife, predicted whole thing in the beginning only and no, she did not have any idea about the story earlier)

But I don’t deny that Ajay Devgan is a good director, he is indeed a good director, that is why such a simple story made a good impact on people.  But if you compare with first timer Aamir Khan, Aamir wins the race anytime.

On the acting front, I just loved Kajol, amazing actress. Hats off. Ajay Devgan was superb too. It was good to see Sumeet Raghavan on a big screen… (I still can’t forget Sahil from Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai). Rest of the star cast was good, nothing to be taken note of.

The music was pretty ok, I personally liked only 2 songs, the title song and Jee Le. Rest of them were kind of waste of energy.

So, overall the movie was pretty good, simple story, good to watch over the weekend. I would rate this movie [rating:3/5]

On the box office, it should do fair business, can easily reach the Hit status.