Just got back from the movie. Wasn’t expecting a very good show but it turned out to be pretty good. Few people said, it is a copy of the English movie A Few Good Men, well yes, It could be a copy but let’s leave the copy business aside as every other bollywood movie is “inspired” or in simple words copied from English movies, these days.

So not wasting much your time, let’s directly move on the storyline.

Captain Javed Khan is charged for killing Major Rathore and is being held in custody. The case goes into the hands of 2 military lawyers aka friends, Aakash aka AK (Javed Jaafri) and Siddhant aka Sid (Rahul Bose). AK is much more serous about the work than Sid. Sid is appointed as defense lawyer but he is least interested in getting deep into the case. But local local Journalist Kaavya (Minissha Lamba) helps him to find the right path and this leads Sid to become more serious about the case and he fights back.

Ok, now the review time.. (My favorite part, I hate storytelling business..)

I would not be able to comment on the story part as it is more or less copied from A Few Good Men. But on the acting front, apart from Rahul Bose, Kay Kay Menon (Pratap) was really impressive, he had a limited role but his role I think made stronger impact than of the Rahul Bose. Also, Deepak Dobriyal (Javed Khan) was pretty impressive too, he did have only few lines but his expressions were more than enough. A very strong character who loves his country more than anything. It was good to see Javed Jaafri in non-comic role. (His role in Tara Rum Pum was super pathetic), but Javed could not get rid of his dancing shoes, he proved himself in one of the songs. (The first song), well that was kind of bad though, it was going against the image of a serious character.

Ok, let’s leave that aside for now. Who is left now? I guess no one.. hmm no wait, there is my favorite Minissha Lamba, I am sorry I forgot her.. she got lost in the crowd of a few good men.. haha.. She had a limited role and that limited role did not give a chance to explore her acting skills. She looked really beautiful but on the acting front, I was remained unimpressed.

Let’s talk about the other things. The music was pretty much pathetic except the song Dheere Dheere, this one was a great exception. Just loved it like anything. (Have set it as my caller tune too.. haha) The background score was a joke, it was more like combination of military marching drums with some additional instruments. In short, it wasn’t easy on ears.  Cinematography was pretty Ok, Kashmir is a beautiful place, should have been explored well. The direction was pretty ok too, the first half, around 15 – 20 minutes needed re work and even few of the scenes needed a better work. (Specially, the scenes which motivates Sid to take more interest in the case)

So, overall, the movie was pretty good. I personally liked it. I would rate it [rating:3/5]

On the business front, I can see darkness all around, the theatre was merely 25% full. Word of mouth can save the movie but still I don’t think it can reach Hit mark. It might settle at average mark at the max.