Okay, this is gonna be a quick post as I am running out of time.. I reached the place bit late.. (all because the sleepless night haha).. reached at around 11.30 AM or so… was not so comfortable in the beginning as the sessions were not kind of going as they were supposed to..

No, I am not talking about the management, I am talking about the guys who were on  the center stage.. for example, someone had a session on security of the blog. Some security guy was talking about it.. when I first heard about it, I quickly rushed in the room thinking there will be “interesting” thing about security there..

The guy started off with importance of latest version software and all.. I was hoping the session to go bit more in detail about the person just played around there only and did not explain what all can be done if the blog is not secured.. I was actually hoping for some kind of live example.. but nothing of that sort was illustrated. Actually, couple of guys from backseat tried to divert the discussion somewhere else, and infact it worked too.

Okay, time for another session.. some guy spoke something about how to blog successfully. (some blog system and all that..) but he failed to be on the point, he was more into, what is required to run a successful blog instead of showing how to do it. (Yea, I know, he did say about some 3 options but that was not enough at all)

Then there was some session on Podcasting, I did not attend the whole session as I personally found it bit not my types..

Okay, then we had a lunch break.. great food.. I must say..

So after the lunch, I was hoping for some better session and actually we had couple of good sessions.

The first one was from some Sulekha.com guys (who were claiming to be normal users using Sulekha as blogging platform). They were trying to explain how blog helps to make friends on the net but I guess it did not work. They got lost in themselves and left everyone confused. haha I remember, I was looking at Tarun with that funny look, saying what is happening man.. haha

Okay, then we had a session on Hindi Blogging, it was pretty good.. liked the guy.. nice topic.. we discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of blogging in regional language and all. It was pretty good.

Then Karmveer came forward and discussed about how he makes 53K USD a month from 200 odd websites.. (Yea, the guess is right.. all those non human sites and all) That session was actually good… we had a good argument over TLA and all.

Then we had a session from Tarun, I missed half of it due to an urgent phone / hunger call.. haha Also discussed some stuff with couple of SEO guys out there..

Okay, I got back and Tarun’s session was still going on.. it was actually very interesting, he spoke about personal blogging and all. It was more of a discussion than the session.

Ok, the last session, it was by 2 SEO guys, If my memory goes in the right path, their names were Ashwin and Mani. They had a good session but again, I personally felt, the were more into what is SEO rather than explaining how to do it. But yea, we had a good discussion there too.

I guess, that’s it. Met few net friends and Blogcamp friends.. Aseem, Amit, Tarun, Hitesh, Sakshi, Meetu, Brajeshwar, Mehul and Nishit.. loved it, had a good fun. Much better than Pune Blogcamp that we had last year..

Great work and three cheers to all the organizers.

Update: Oops, just realized that, it was not a quick short post anymore…. Okay, gotta run.. wifey is waiting…