This week, I watched few movies but did not get enough time to review them separately, so here are the quick reviews..

1. Mithya – [rating:3/5] – Pretty good movie but it’s not meant for everyone. 2nd half was bit slow but overall, a good movie. Worth watching atleast once.

2. Aaja Nachle – [rating:2.5/5] – It could have been made much better, it left few questions unanswered. Madhuri was good but movie lacked the punch which was needed for Madhuri’s comeback.

3. Sunday – [rating:2/5] – Leaving few scenes apart, the movie was pretty bad. I guess the time has come for Ajay Devegan to become choosy.

4. My Name is Anthony Gonsalves – [rating:2/5] – Bad music, wooden showpiece as actor, kind of predictable story.. I guess that’s enough to make a bad movie. Not worth spending time on it.

Update – 5. Halla Bol – [rating:2/5] – They tried to create RDB effect but it did not work. It wasn’t even 1% of RDB effect.. story was predictable, climax was a joke with many loopholes. Don’t spend time on it..

That’s it for now. I wanted to watch Jodhaa Akbar but I wont be able to as I am leaving for my native place on 14th. (Will be reaching there on 15th but not sure if it will be screened there in my town or not)

Will be blogging from there most probably.

Damn, I need to post something good on the blog.. it’s been ages since this blog has become my personal paradise… haha

Will post some technical stuff (tips and all) very soon.. (which I have been trying to finish since last 4 months lol)

Till then..