Talking about the drama we have been seeing for last few days.. MNS guys give some stupid statements about those hailing from UP and Bihar. Their goons beat up innocent people, create havoc in Mumbai and other places in Maharashtra. Government claims the situation to be under control but these goons never stop.. they still beat up people and FORCE them to leave Maharashtra. And they succeed in it too.

News channels, opposition parties, local public demand arrest of MNS head, Raj Thackrey.. RR Patil says, we do not have evidence against him to arrest.. central government decides to step in.. Mumbai becomes more like a warfront with policemen and special force guys all around.. MNS guys attack North Indians in Nashik.. stone pelting, burning the buses take place.. police says situation is under control and they are not politically influenced.. people and news channel laugh at them..

Finally, people get to know that Raj Thackrey will be arrested today (Feb 13, 2008). Raj announces that if arrested, he is not gonna seek bail.. MNS guys ransack many places in Nashik, New Bombay and other areas.. people shut their shop in many places in Mumbai including, Sion, Parel, Andheri, Dadar, Worli etc.. stone pelting starts near Sion highway..

Finally Raj gets arrested.. most of the Mubaikars are smiling with happy face but there is a slight fear of attacks by MNS goons on local public..

Around 7 PM India time.. we get the news that Raj is released on conditional bail..

So, in short.. Maharashtra government and police celebrated April Fools day today..

Sucks.. do they think we all are fools here? Bloody shit politics and politicians.. No law and order, these goons can attack anyone anytime and police prevents that they are doing their job properly.. WAKE UP..