Lachung is a bypass place to visit Yumthang Valley and Zero Point. Our plan included a night stay at Lachung, in the early next morning, visit of these places and return back to Gangtok.

As planned, we left for Lachung on 28th Jan, it took us around 5 hours to reach Lachung. It had already started snowing near Chungthang (it is around 20 KMs from Lachung). As expected, vehicles got stuck on the way due to snowfall. We managed to get ourselves on board by doing some vehicle pushing job and finally we landed at Lachung at around 7 PM. The place was like heaven and scary too.. Heaven because of great snowfall and scary because there was no electricity there for past 4 days.

Finally the hotel guy opened the doors just to tell us that, their hotel was shut for last 7 days due to heavy snowfall, there is no electricity and water supply. And yea, also, no phone lines are working. So, in short, we were in a fix. The temperature was around -3 to -4 degrees. There was snow all over, we both were shivering like anything. We quickly got into those quilts, spent the night somehow and left for Gangtok around 11 AM next morning. (We could not go to Yumthang due to heavy snow fall – the roads were blocked).

To be frank, for us, Lachung experience was the worst in our trip but still we do not regret it. It is part of the game after all 🙂

Now, on the next day, we had planned to visit Nathula Pass and couple of other places nearby that area. But sadly, the roads to those places were blocked due to heavy snowfall. So, we had 2 days in hand and nothing to do. We had already started missing our family and they too were feeling all alone out there without us.

Now, what to do? Megha quickly said, let’s give them a surprise and leave tomorrow for Mumbai. It was around 9 PM by then. I quickly called up guys, rescheduled the tickets for 31st Jan. But things were not as rosy as we had expected.

Indian Airlines did not have option to reschedule tickets, so we had to re book the Bagdogra to Delhi tickets again.. (Which costed me around Rs. 11,000). Now, we had GoAir flight from Delhi to Mumbai, we had to pay around Rs. 6,000 to reschedule that flight. Finally, all set and early next morning we left for the airport.

Our flight was at 12.15 PM, after checking in, we got to know that the flight is 45 minutes delayed. Now this created a problem as our connecting flight from Delhi was at 5 PM and after the delay this flight would reach Delhi by 4.30 PM.

So now what to do? I called up GoAir and asked them if they can do anything about it and can we still catch the flight, but sadly it did not work out and we had to reschedule the flight again.. this time, to 8 PM flight as there were no other flights in between. (The flight would arrive at Mumbai at around 10.20 PM)

We reached the Delhi airport at around 5 PM, got the tickets for GoAir flight and again sadly, our flight was delayed by 40 minutes. So instead of 10.20 PM, we would reach Mumbai around 11.00 PM or so. This was kind of messing up our surprise plan but still we were hoping for the best.

The flight left Delhi airport at 8.40 PM sharp, we were around Mumbai at 11.00 PM but we were just roaming around in the sky for the landing space. The process went on for next 1 hour, we finally landed at 12 in the midnight. So that makes another delay of 1 hour and another obstacle in our surprise.

We reached home at around 12.30 AM and managed to shock everyone (There was still a minor obstacle there too but that’s ok I guess). Everyone was shocked and happy. It was Megha who made up whole day’s story and kept them puzzled, finally all went smoothly and it was all fun. 🙂

So today, I am finishing the series of my honeymoon posts. The next post will be kind of pictorial of Marriage to Honeymoon.