4.30 AM, super chilled weather.. you leave for Tiger Hill (to watch Sun Rise and get glimpse of Everest and Kanchanjanga mountain chains from close) in.. 2 warm vests, 1 normal vest, 2 shirts, 1 winter jacket, ear pads (to protect ears from wind), warm thermal under pants, jeans, 2 pair of socks, hand gloves..

You reach there around 5.30 AM or so.. the weather is still super cold, infact super super cold.. there is no effect of warm clothes on you.. you still feel cold.. wind is hitting directly on your face..your hands are freezing..the feeling is exactly same as when you hold ice cube tight in your hand.. freezing..

But you forget everything once you get glimpse of those snowy chain of mountains, your hand does not move from your camera.. you just can’t stop clicking the beauty.. and soon after that, you see sun rising from the other side.. you run around to get a perfect shot..

Apart from chilled weather.. you enjoy the beauty, you don’t care about anything.. and this is what I call FUN..

You reach your hotel room around 10 AM or so (after checking couple of other places), you pray hard for the snowfall.. around 8 PM in the evening.. you notice some rainfall outside.. around 8.15 PM, someone knocks your door.. “Come out.. it’s snowing”.. you are like “Damn.. Megha.. let’s go out..” you go out in whatever clothes you are wearing.. put on the jacket.. take the cam.. and start shooting and enjoying the snowfall..

It was a heavenly experience.. we both were eagerly waiting for the snowfall and finally we got chance to enjoy it..  we shot a video and clicked many pics in the snowfall.. I will upload the stuff once we are back in Mumbai..

Early next morning we left for Gangtok.. we were lucky that the roads were clear.. reached Gangtok at around 2 PM..

We are staying at Orange Village Resort at Gangtok. But the place is nothing compared to Cedar Inn (Darjeeling – we had stayed there). Though the view is pretty good from the room but the food is simply overpriced and is tasteless. (I will post detailed review about the hotels we stayed in few days.)

Yesterday, we visited some 7 points including 2 Monasteries, Rope Way thing and couple of view points.. have clicked some great pics too.. but again, will upload once we reach Mumbai.

Today we are leaving for North Sikkim trip for a day.. will be staying at some hotel at Lachung. day after tomorrow, we are going to Visit Nathula Pass.. near China border..

And yea one more thing, I didn’t mention earlier.. my tooth ache is acting as a big obstacle in the honeymoon.. it does not stop because of this cold.. have taken several medicines, tried lot of things but nothing works.. but yea, I was lucky enough last night that I could get some good sleep…I had slept the earlier night without getting proper sleep

Okay, I am off now.. also note that, this post was written in various parts.. (over 2-3 days)