Finally we are away from all the mess, all the complications.. we are currently in the heaven.. aka Darjeeling. This is our 2nd day here (we will be leaving from here on 26th Jan morning for Pelling) and I am already thinking of extending my plan so we can stay here for couple of more days haha..

Trust me.. it is simply heaven.. 0 degree temperature is a very common thing here.. I guess last night it went into some minus  degrees.. we had plans to check out few places today but could not go because of some political strike here..

The climate is way too cold… sunshine has become a rare sight.. 5 – 5.30 PM and it is night here.. haha.. currently we both are tucked in our cozy bed and watching TV.. I am currently wearing, a vest, another warm vest (thermal wear) on top of it, T-shirt, a winter jacket, hand gloves, thermal pants, track pants and socks.. room temperature is sort of controlled by the heater and we are kind of shivering under these thick blankets.. but still it’s super fun.. 

I could take a glimpse of mountains from my window but most of the time everything is covered by clouds and fog.. we have taken several great pics from our cam.. I will try to upload few of them tomorrow…

We have plans to leave early morning tomorrow to visit Tiger Hills (around 4 AM) and check out few other places..

So lastly, if you are planning for your honeymoon or planning to go out with your wife / girlfriend.. give first priority to Darjeeling.. I am sure, you won’t regret it ever.. πŸ™‚  and don’t forget to get a handy cam.. we have forgotten to bring it here and we are regretting it..

More updates in coming days.. till then.. lots of love.. haha yea lots of love lol πŸ˜‰