Next Saturday, 19th Jan 2008.. what I will be doing?

Few of my friends already know about it but for the ones who don’t know.. I will be tying knot to my girlfriend, Megha on 19th Jan..

If you ask me now, there are mixed feelings running around my head.. there is lot of excitement, there is some pressure related to work (mainly).. there is some tension about the things on the D day.. but I guess, things should be fine as the day comes near..

20th will be my reception.. on 23rd, I will be off for my honeymoon to Darjeeling, Pelling, Gangtok and Lachung. Will be back by 3rd Feb.

And then again.. back to work.. but yea.. a new life will start with new partner.. a new role.. a new responsibility and more love πŸ™‚

Need best wishes..