I think these days there is a trend to start a premium channel.. when I had bought Tata Sky, I had got bunch of channels for Rs. 300 per month but recently I see many channels jumping into bandwagon of being premium paid channels.

I think it started with Neo Sports… earlier it was free but now we have to pay around Rs. 20 per month to get Neo Channels (2 sports channels by Neo – Neo Sports and Neo Sports Plus). I have no idea what is so special in this channel which will make me shell out Rs. 250 per year… If they think Cricket is the thing, I think it’s pretty stupid as India’s matches are shown on DD National too.. (and it’s crystal clear on Tata Sky)

Another example would be Tata Sky’s Entertainment Gold Pack, it includes 3 channels.. NDTV Good Times, Bindass and 9X. (around Rs. 30 per month)

I have watched all these channels during their promotional period (they were free for around 2 months or so). NDTV Good Times did not impress me at all. Bindass had around 3 shows being played throughout the day, one of their dubbed show based on pranks was good but again it was being repeat telecasted almost every other day. The last one is, 9X.. this one was biggest piece of sh!t.. it had all saas bahu types show.. again, not worth the money… why would moms and aunts will pay extra money for these channels if they are getting better shows for free on Star Plus, Sony or Zee?

I don’t know why these channel guys do not think twice before making such a move.. they should understand that, it they are making their channel a paid channel then they are supposed to give double the value of money in return but here, forget about the return.. all you get is same kind of shows.. and no return of your money..

I think these channels badly need smart people in their team.. sigh…