I have been with Resellerzoom (RZ) for more than a year and I am proud to be one of their many satisfied customers.

I currently hold 2 reseller accounts with them (1 for Linux and 1 for Windows) and the servers and support have been quite impressive.

I know there have been some downtimes and some mail related issues lately but that’s part of the package as it’s not possible to provide 100% uptime.

What I liked most about RZ, is their support.. very quick and very friendly.. (Trust me.. very friendly).. There have been many instances where their friendly support has helped me to tackle the issues quickly. Be it with overusage of the resources or with the migration of any site.

Yesterday, I was moving a site on RZ server, I had to move gunzip file of around 1GB from other server to RZ server.. my download  (wget) process was getting killed automatically due to server restrictions, I mailed support to have a check and download the file for me, if possible.. got reply promptly from them and within couple of hours, my file was moved to RZ server…

Today, the same site was causing issues on the server, so they had to disable the site. Now, I wanted to move the site to high-end server (some other hosting company). Again, I faced the same problem of my process getting killed automatically, Dylan from support came to the rescue again. (Like always, Andrew from Abuse department helped me to figure out the issues.) Currently he is compressing the 1 GIG data, so that I can put it on the new server.

The purpose of mentioning these  2 issues is to mention that, no matter what the situation is, if you are migrating the site to their server or moving to other server provider, they will try their best to help you out and that is what I call SUPPORT. I am pretty impressed with them and I am sure they will never let me down. 🙂

If you are looking for a reseller account, I would strongly recommend Resellerzoom.