18th December 2005, Worli Sea Face, around 1 PM..

Guy: Shall I propose you now?
Guy: You have exams coming up right, is that ok?
Girl: hmmm, as you wish…
Guy: hmm, Okay, let me propose you now itself, it’s your birthday also so it will be good..
Girl: (kind of shocked) as you wish..
Guy: Okay, I love you, shaadi karegi? (Will you marry me?)
Girl: Totally in shock and decides to give award of most pathetic proposal award to the guy
Guy: Bol na, karegi kya? (Say, will you?)
Girl: No, it’s too early to decide…
Girl: But you don’t feel bad but it’s too early, I can’t decide so soon..
Guy: hmm, okay, you take your own time.. but I will propose you every time we meet and I am sure one day, you will get bugged and say Yes…
Girl: Let’s see..
Guy: Okay, when are we meeting next?
Girl: May be after my exams in March..
Guy: So late? Okay, I will come pick you up on the last day of your exams and propose you..
Girl: Shut up..

The day ends with lunch, movie and again a visit to Worli Sea Face..

24th December 2005, MSN Messenger, around 11.30 PM

Guy: So, what’s up?
Girl: Nothing much..
Guy: So, when are we meeting next? Let’s meet in Jan..
Girl: Ya sure.. but before that I want to discuss something with you..
(The guy is too smart, he knew what she is gonna say)
Guy: Yea but we can discuss when we meet right? i.e in Jan?
Girl: No, I wont be able to wait till that time..
Guy: Okay, Okay tell me…
Girl: Deep, I have thought on the things… and I love you too…
Guy: (Yawn).. Okay, tell me something new…
Girl: Damn you.. pick up the bloody phone and say it..

25th December 2005 around 12.10 AM, on the phone..

Girl: hmm..
Guy: still can’t control the laugh…
Girl: What?
Guy: So, tell me what you were saying on the chat?
Girl: What?
Guy: hmm…
Girl: I love you..
Guy: Say it again na it was too sweet//
Girl: I love you….
Guy: hehe, Me too yaar.. I knew you were gonna say it tonight lol
Girl: Stupid.. you idiot..
Guy: yawn.. whatever..

24th December 2007, around 11.30 PM, on the phone

Girl: Hi.. so much busy with marriage preparations, we don’t get time to talk only these days..
Guy: Feeling sleepy, yea.. you are right..
Girl: Are you feeling sleepy?
Guy: Shameless.. yea baby, I am yaar.. woke up early in the morning..
Girl: Wait till 12 na..
Guy: Nahi yaar.. kal I love you bol dena.. ab sone de.. (No yaar, say I love you tomorrow, let me sleep now..)
Girl: Idiot, go.. sleep.. good night..
Guy: Me too..

25th December 2007, around 8.30 PM.. at home.. (haha yea, they exchanged few loves yous and all)

Girl: Your 2 minutes are over, finish the post and we need to rush to the restaurant..
Guy: Ya, baby.. just 2 more minutes..
Girl: Angry.. go you keep on finishing the post… I am leaving…

Okay, Now I seriously need to rush..otherwise, you know.. the guy will get killed.. haha

Me too baby… (I don’t tell her I love you.. she says it first and I end it with Me too.. lol)