I have a very bad luck in buying things from abroad.. firstly, I bought Xbox 360 from US… it got screwed up and eventually I had to sell it off for USD 150 on ebay. Then I bought laptop stand for USD 91, the first one was not functioning properly so they sent me replacement but it was also not working properly, so finally sold both the stands for Rs. 200 to kabadiwala.

Now, it is time again for the bad luck to knock my doors.. haha.. I recently asked my friend (who is currently in US) to get an iphone for me. He bought it today and I just found out that it has version 1.1.2 pre-installed, which cannot be unlocked. (At this moment no unlocking solution is available for 1.1.2 version phones)

So, now, I have asked my friend to return it if possible and if not, one more paperweight in the list..