I just hate to call the bank and followup on those stupid double charges. Earlier, it was with a petrol pump near my house, the guy swiped by card twice and I was charged 1000 bucks instead of Rs. 500.

And now, yesterday, a shop in Vadodara, (btw, I will be in Gujarat and Kutch till 8th of Dec) the guy did not get success in the first time, I told him that charging 2nd time would deduct the amount again from my account but he confirmed that it won’t happen again… but to my bad luck, it did happen again.. bloody Rs. 3170 charged twice in my account…

Now again same old procedure, call up bank, send them the copy of the slip, they will take 45 days to fix this issue up. It sucks.. why can’t these guys make process faster..

21st century and 45 days..