I am kind of away from movie scene for past few weeks. (Due to heavy work load) But today I came across an article on rediff about the latest Madhuri Dixit Movie, Aaaja Nachle.

To cut the story short, Mayawati bans Aaja Nachle in UP. Why? Well, according to her, a line in one of the songs might hurt sentiments of Dalits (Backward cast people).

Now the 1st question will popup in your mind will be, What the hell is that line?

haha, Thanks to one comment poster in Rediff, the line is:

bole mochi bhi khud ko sunaar hai

I am still trying to figure out how this line will hurt sentiments of Dalits? And why such a harsh ban on the movie? Lack of courts in UP?

Another bad attempt to get more votes!!!

I am really happy that Mayawati’s Mumbai Rally was a flopshow..

God save India…