The days have become more like hell these days… lots of work, no good guys, damn I am even ready to pay more than 3 lakh per annum package but bloody no good guys.. I am fed up of freelancers so have decided do everything on my own..  (Day time: meetings, emails, office work. Night time: PHPing)

Had hired a fresher couple of months back and tried to teach him the stuff.. damn, I knew very basic PHP but still I was able to do the stuff and the other guy, he could not even code the stuff without my help. And the results? Whole bloody mess…. just finished recoding one of his piece of code..

What has happened to today’s people.. everyone wants to work with MNCs, sit on the desk and do nothing. Why the hell people don’t think about growth?

Damn, this frustration.. damn.. this is the best place to let it come out..