When the movie is in hands of Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB), it has to be something different, something good but unfortunately it is not always liked by people. I think Saawariya will result into something which will be liked by selected group of people.

The story is very simple, a simple love triangle. A guy is love with a girl but the girl is in love with some other guy. And that’s it. A simple clear love story with amazing music, amazing sets and superb direction. (Not to forget the choreography)

But despite of all these good things, the movie might not click with aam janta. Now the first question you will ask me will be “WHY?. It is simply because it is a dream of SLB, it is imagination of SLB. It is not real. It is more like a fairy tale, a dark musical fairy tale of love. The movie is very dark and it has many elements which will make people think, “What the hell is going on?”. For example, the starting scene.. the introduction of Ranbir Kapoor. Though it was superb but it was more of dramatically picturized which I am sure most of the people would not understand. There are many other scenes which were not something natural but they left great impact in the minds of people. (Atleast on 3 of us)

The movie reminds you more of old English musicals, with everything happening on those lavish sets and people getting mesmerized by the characters, the music and just everything.

But apart from all these good things, the movie has few flaws too:

  1. Will not appeal the aam janta, actually, this kind of movies can’t be made for aam janta.  (This one is the major)
  2. The 2nd half lags a bit

So, to sum the things up. On the acting front, Ranbir Kapoor was excellent, I am sure this guy is gonna make big one day for sure. Sonam Kapoor had less dialogues but her expressions were mind blowing. Zohra Sehgal was looking as gorgeous and graceful as ever. Hats off to her.Rani Mukherjee was OK. Salman had nothing much to do.

Music was amazing, lovely songs. Direction, SLB ROCKS simply in this area. Brilliant. Choreography needs a special attention, the songs were choreographed in very very different manner. Very impressive work. Cinematography by Ravi K was remarkable. (Though it was limited around the sets it was handled brilliantly.)

Overall, I loved this movie but sadly people won’t accept this dream of SLB. So, I have decided to give 2 ratings for this movie.

My personal rating would be [rating:3.5/5] but from the prospective of aam janta, I would rate it [rating: 2/5]

The movie won’t be liked by moms and dad and even college going guys but it will be loved by movie lovers, the people who love to watch different movies.

Great work SLB but sadly it might not work at box office. (Though I would always want it to work)