Ok, time for some apologies first.

First one goes to the director, I am sorry Mr. Kashyap but I will have to bash the movie badly here.

2nd one goes to, the other movie directors or movie related guys who loved this movie. Sorry guys, I am from aam janta and I really can’t stop bashing this.

Okay, I guess, I am done with all disclaimer things and etc.. etc..

Let’s talk about the story, let me try my best here, coz I just don’t know what was it.. I was just watching frames changing one after another.

K (John Abraham) is a chain smoker, who smokes in the bathroom, in the lift, in the bedroom, hotel, in the bed…what not.. his wife Anjali (Ayesha Takia) wants him to leave this bad habit. But our K saab is not ready to, so she leaves him.. naturally K bhai has to agree to join rehabilitation center.. which is called Prayogshala, run by Sri. Sri. Sri. Sri. Baba Bangali or something… (Paresh Rawal). Now our K bhai.. signs some contract and something happens to him.. now what happens.. don’t ask me and don’t bother finding it out too…

I know, that this was just an imagination of the director or something, but I never knew that this imagination will be proved so costly for people… 190 bucks for the ticket, 100 bucks for sandwich & cold drink and another 50 bucks for the cold drink in the interval and what about my fuel man…?

The theatre had like around 20 people and I am sure most of the people (including me) came there thinking of a great movie.. Black Friday in mind.. but after watching this disaster, they will stay 100 feet away from any Anurag Kashyap film. (No, I won’t, I like taking risks.. lol)

The movie might be good for other movie directors or people in the movie fields but it is certainly not for people like you me…

Still, expecting me to rate this movie? Forget it.. I have watched so many bad movies and I keep on telling people to stay away but this movie will be always take the top position in the worst movies I have ever watched. My head was literally spinning and for 2 minutes I was looking around for my car, despite of standing near by my car.. PATHETIC… PATHETIC… DON’T EVER BOTHER OR THINK ABOUT WATCHING THIS MOVIE.