13th October, this day is always special to me, not because it is my birthday but it is mainly because it is my baby, Web1‘s birthday. Being founder of the company, it is great feeling seeing your baby growing day by day.

I still remember the earlier days, each and every moment of business. Have faced the worst situations as well as the great ones. Remember those days when I used to pray hard to get that Rs. 20,000 project and also cried when I had lost that 1 lakh project. (Obviously it was due to my mistake only)

Also remember the days when I used to run here and there for projects and also remember the days when I had to keep the clients on hold for new projects. (Due to overflow of projects)

haha, the memories are never ending. Overall, it has been a mixed bag with happiness and joy on the heavier side.

Now, I can say that, my baby has started walking on its own feet, started taking baby footsteps and soon, it is gonna start running πŸ™‚

Some of the great pics of our 3rd birthday celebrations.

The Cake

Da Cake

Web1 Team

The Web1 Team

Web1 ka Boss aur Uski Biwi (Yea, it was “no dieting” day)

Boss aur Uski Biwi

More pics here (Private Album)

Now, my birthday and the whole day.

I guess, I created a record this day, 4 cakes. Damn, I too cannot believe that I had cut 4 cakes in a day. 1st was with friends at night 2nd one was at my gym (Sorry, no pic), 3rd one at office and 4th in the night with friends

The day started with great surprise from Megha, my sis and friends at 12 midnight. We had a great time till 2 AM. The morning was great too, went to the gym and celebrated birthday there with people out there. (We had cake cutting thing there too)

The afternoon was quite interesting, we celebrated Web1’s birthday at office, got couple of great surprises there. Had ghar ka khana.

Evening, I spent with friends, we had gone to Koyla, Colaba. Had a great time there.

Here is the gift list:

– Parents and Sister – Escada In to the Blue Perfume and deodorant

– Megha – Oh, this one is my fav.. Bean Bag.. I badly wanted this.. love gaming on it..

– Dharmesh – VCDs of The Godfather and 300

– Kunal,Dimple and Hiten – A supercool tee

– People at Office – A great Shirt as personal gift and a cordless phone for the office

– Myself – haha, I always gif myself something all the time, this time, pair of new jeans, shirt, shoes and a game DVD (Bioshock) haha

Some pics:

The cake, bit screwed up though

The Evening Cake

Megha and Me


Megha and Me again

Deep and Megha

More pics here (Again, a private album)