Though everyone said, the movie is just OK types but still I went for it, just because it was directed and written by Sriram Raghavan (Ek Haseena Thi)… I don’t know but I love these kind of dark movies. Okay, so back to the movie.

The movie is basically suspense thriller kind of a thing. Seshadri (Dharmedra) is the head of 5 member gang. They all plan to invest 2.5 crores and get double the amount within 4 days. But one of the gang member plays Kaput and runs away with 2.5 crores. So, what will happen now? How they will find, who was the guy? Rest is to watch.

Oh yea, the other members are, Vikram (Neil Mukesh), a young guy, who wants to earn more and live whole life with his girlfriend, Mini (Rimi Sen). Prakash (Vinay Pathak), who also runs a gambling club. Shardul (Zakir Hussain) who also runs a club in the city. And the last, Shiva (Daya), a strong man, who needed money to set up his own garage.

The best part of the movie is, it does not let you yawn for a minute. In short, it was a very well made film but few things were kind of at the wrong place. The worst part was, the ending. I don’t know about others but I found it pretty much predictable.

On the acting front, Neil Mukesh, stands out. Very good acting, this guy is gonna make big in bollywood very soon. Dharmendra was pretty good, I wish he had more scenes. Vinay Pathak and Zakir Hussain were at their best. Rest of the star cast was pretty much good.

The music was kind of bad, leaving the title song apart. Hit music could have played major role in promotion of the movie. 

The story, direction was perfect. But I guess, that’s gonna help the movie. Though the movie is pretty good but it won’t attract the masses. The movie might do well in the multiplexes and in the cities.

I would rate this movie [rating:3/5]. This one is a must watch for movie lovers.