Well, well, well.. bad story line + bad music + good actors = a bad movie. That is how Dil Dosti etc.. was.  Not to waste your time.. (like that did), let’s quickly move on to the story part.

Story, hmm.. what was the movie about? Love, friendship, sex or a big mess? I am yet to understand that. Apurv (Imaad Shah) and Sanjay (Shreyas Talpade) are hostel friends, Apruv like more desperate and sleeps with a prostitute (Smriti Mishra) almost every night, he does not understand the meaning of love, for him love is just a mere 4 letter word. Apruv is also carrying on with a school going girl, Kintu (Ishita Sharma). Sanjay is exactly opposite of it, he believes in love and commitment and is carrying with Prerna (Nikita Anand).

The movie basically roams around these characters with no story and stupid ending.

I am sorry but there is nothing in the story because there was no story. It was a bad attempt by confused director. All it tried to show was sex, Dil and Dosti were left behind.

Okay, to sum it up.

On the acting front, Imaad was good, role of bihari suited perfectly well to Shreyas. Nikita Anand was strictly OK, Ishita was an eye candy, Smriti Mishra was pretty good. Music was at its worst, pathetic. No point in talking about story and the direction. Both needed some real good tweaking.

So, overall, the movie was just another piece of junk. No need to waste money on it. Watch it, if you want to get glimpse of some so called “hot” scenes.

I would rate this movie [rating:1/5], I don’t see any chances of this movie doing good. A sure shot FLOP.