I don’t know whether something is wrong with me or with the movie reviewers. I checked reviews of this movie on Rediff and couple of other sites, everyone rated it like 3 – 3.5.  But again, I do not agree with the reviews. And for a change, I agree with the review of Taran Adarsh (Yea, yea, I know, we all hate his reviews but this is an exceptional case)

The story is pretty much complicated, so let me see how I can explain in few lines. (I don’t believe in long narrations of the story)


Satyaveer (Abhay Deol), a fired junior engineer and writer of the (detective / fiction) book Manorama (which was a big flop) gets a strange assignment of spying on politician Minister P.P. Rathore (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), the job was given by politician’s wife Manorama (Sarika) but things take U turn when Satyaveer finds that Manorama is not wife of Rathore but she is someone else. Now, Manorama dies in an accident (it was declared as suicide) But Satyaveer does not believe this and goes on a mission to solve the mystery of Manorama’s death.

If you would have asked me to narrate the whole story, then I would have definitely got confused after this point. There are lots of twists and turns in the movie which will leave you with many questions. Infact the ending of the movie was pretty much confusing.

The movie might be good for awards or may be directors but for people like you and me, I don’t think so it was anything more than a confused story.

Apart from the story and and it’s execution, one more bad thing was, editing. I found the movie very slow paced, infact we were dying for the interval. (I could hear something clapping when it showed Interval on the screen haha)

To sum it up, on the acting front, Abhay Deol was good, Vinay Pathak was impressive in few scenes (specially in the first half). Gul Panag perfectly fitted well in the character of middle class housewife. Raima sen looked more sexier in Saree haha (Nothing great in the acting though).

Overall, I would rate this movie [rating:2/5] I don’t see this movie doing any good business at box office.