After reading good reviews on the net, I finally decided to watch the movie. Most of the sites were like 3 – 3.5 out of 5 for this movie. But I still wonder what was there in the movie which made them give it 3 stars? Believe me or not, we left the movie well, before the ending.

The movie is remake of some flop old Hindi movie. It is about 4 friends who are looking out for a rich girl to marry, so that they can spend their whole live lavishly, without doing any hard work. They finally find the girl but now, there is some murder mystery involved in it.. so the comedy track changes to suspense and comedy comes back in the end. (Like typical Priyadarshan movies)

Okay, now the first half, 4 jokers.. Tushar Karpoor, Kunal Khemu, Sharman Joshi and Rajpal Yadav try to make you laugh by using some typical Priyadarshan dialogues and doing some stupid things. Actually, few scenes actually make you laugh too but majority of them just left our faces blank. There were few unwanted scenes in the first half. (e.g. the track of Sharman’s poor friend becoming rich by getting married to rich girl – they wasted quite some time with that track)

The 2nd half.. I watched approximately 75% of it or so.. it suddenly turned to suspense from comedy. They had added some comedy too but it was not managed properly. The worst scene was, when these 4 guys were beaten up by goons, Rajpal yadav suddenly comes in his funny avatar, some funny dialogues take place, people are laughing and suddenly, emotional background score starts.. so people were like confused, whether to laugh or cry haha..

Okay, let’s sum the things up.

On the story front, it was all like “I have already seen it” kind of stuff.. nothing new, same old story and crap. On the acting front, leaving few scenes apart, it all sucked. Rajpal Yadav was pretty good, compared to others. Tanushri Datta seriously needs to lose some pounds and get back to her feminine avatar. Currently she looks more like a macho man.

Music, was pretty much bad (except the title song).

So overall, it was another piece of crap and my first movie in 2007, which I had to leave before it ends. (Last year there were, Tom Dick and Harry, Anwar, Family to name few)

I would rate this movie [rating:1/5] Stay away from it.