Is Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag ne mere armaano ko jala ke raakh kar diya… What a movie.. what a PATHETIC movie…. A real bad attempt to remake Sholay…

The story is exactly same as Sholay. 2 best friends, helping some retired police inspector (in Sholay, it was Thakur) to kill the don. Some love affairs in between, few songs, some action scenes and Ofcourse rona dhona.

I am really sorry, I won’t be able to tell more about the story because I am just gonna start bashing the starcast now..

Ajay Devgan, who plays the role of Heero and Prashant Raj plays his best buddy, Raj. They tried their best to show people some kind of best buddy relationship on the screen but it was mere, cut.. next scene.. cut.. next scene kind of thing.. it looked as if they are just playing their parts..nothing else..

Mohanlal plays the role of inspector Narsimha.. he was pretty good but people might not like him due to his south Indian accent, but personally, I loved him…

Ghungroo played by Nisha Kothari. This character was corresponding to Basanti’s character in Sholay. Here, Ghungroo is a rickshaw driver.. who eventually falls in love with Heero and yea, also dances on songs in super short half pants.. But, she did not know that she was supposed to act too.. again, the chemistry between her and Heero was next to nothing. They both are just going around in opposite direction and they thought they are doing pretty good..

Durga Devi played by Sushmita Sen, to be frank, she had nothing much to do in the movie. All I could see was pretty much blank face.. but yea, she was the right choice for this character.

Sushant Singh plays Tambe, aka Samba from Sholay. He was pretty good in his role but, I personally think it was kind of injustice to this actor. He is such a nice actor (The Legend of Bhagat Singh) and this kind of side kick roles just does not give any option to explore his brilliant acting skills. He could have easily played character of Raj.

And finally, the mammoth, Amitabh Bachchan as Babban aka Gabbar Singh of Sholay… played superbly..  and impressive.. ruthless character…

Rest of the characters were wasted royally, Rajpal Yadav tops the list.. 2nd one takes Gaurav Kapoor as Ahemad… Sachin was one more waste.. and lastly  Veerendra Saxena, who plays father of Ahemad.. he had a strong scene (towards the end) and pretty much small role but… it was good compared to others…

Now, let’s talk about other things..

Direction… haha ha.. Ram Gopal Varma.. I still cannot believe, he was the one who directed movies like Sarkar and Rangeela.. what’s wrong with him? Why did he decide to make such a big mistake? Overall, direction was pretty much bad but it was good in few areas.. for example.. portrayal of Babban’s character was very strong.. but for rest.. it was kind of low class..

The Editing was bad too.. in many scenes I found that, the scenes were cut abruptly.. (before the first sequence between Heero and Ghungroo and few more)

The Music was as pathetic as the movie.. Only the song, Mehbooba was mixed very well… rest of the songs were not even worth listening once..

Overall, the movie was bad in the first half and pathetic in the 2nd.. All the actors were wasted except Amitabh Bachchan and Mohanlal.

So, in short… STAY AWAY… get DVD of Sholay and don’t bother watching this movie ever…

I would rate this movie [rating:1.5/5] (All goes to Amitabh Bachchan and Mohanlal)