Are you unhappy with anything? Do you need some extra attention? or Do you just want to see how burnt vehicles look?

Well, it’s all easy to do in India. Just gather around 50 – 70 people and start pelting stones, set vehicles on the fire, kill few people.. I am 100% sure that no one is going to arrest you. And if at all they arrest you, you will get bail in a day max.

Earlier we had noticed this in Navi Mumbai and today, it happened in Agra.

The reason? 4 people killed in an accident by truck driver.

The outcome? 10 trucks, 2 jeeps (including a police vehicle) burnt, over 50 people hurt.. Curfew declared in that area. Police is almost sleeping, government is yet to wake up.

No news of any arrest, I am sure no one will get arrested too.

So, in short.. it is pretty much easy to torch vehicles in India… isn’t it!!