Well, I was expecting some laughter riot from this movie but it left me disappointed. Anyways, let’s quickly get back to the movie.

The story is pretty much straight forward, 3 best friends, staying together, having best time of their lives, flirting with girls all the time and partying..One day, someone rings their doorbell and leaves a baby at the doorstep.  That’s it, they all first try to find who is the father of that baby amongst them and to find that, they look around for the mother.. (from their list of girlfriends) haha.. This whole idea should be enough to create a superb laughter riot but director decided to put in some emotional stuff, which turned movie like any other bollywood flick.

I had mentioned this earlier too and mentioning again, directors should not mix emotions with comedy movies. Comedy movies are meant to be mindless where as emotions need mind and heart. And you really cannot mix up both the things together.

Apart from typical story and bad emotional stuff, the movie has few good things too. Specially, the little child, Angel.. she was super cute.. few comedy scenes and Ritesh Deshmukh. I personally liked him better than Akshay Kumar.

Few more bad things include, Shahrukh Khan and Anupam Kher’s cameo, it was simply pathetic and unnecessary. Songs, leaving the title song and Jaane Bhi De apart, rest were BAD. And lastly, Vidya Balan’s figure, something was seriously wrong with her figure or with the dresses or my eyes. I found her bit plumped up in the bottom part.

I think, direction and screenplay could have improved a lot. Concept was really nice and it could have made much better.

So, overall, I would rate this movie [rating:2/5]. It can be easily skipped. Just watch it on DVD, no need to waste money on theatre tickets.