Well, we actually did not go to any village but we had gone to the restaurant, The Village (in Ghatkopar, Mumbai). We had awesome time there. The restaurant has total different setup and concept. Basically they have setup a village kind of thing there with buffet setup for the food. They also have lot of kachra stuff like, chivda, bor, peru (Guava) and lot more.

They charge Rs. 275 as cover charge and you can have unlimited food and drinks inside. (No hard drinks and non-veg food). They had some games also for children as well as for adults. Some dance shows too. The restaurant was mainly targeted towards Gujarati families but yea, everyone can enjoy there surely.

We all enjoyed there royally, had pani puris, golas, buttermilk, kulfi and some idli, dosa too (along with the main course). I had more than 6 glasses of buttermilk (haha, did I tell you? it is my favorite drink) and 3 golas (this one is my favorite too) haha.

Okay guys, time to make you jealous… the PICS!!!!

Buttermilk Glasses and Raw Mango

Chas aur Kairi

The Stall where you get Chivda and all..

The best stall to get all kachra stuff..

Pani Puri Stall

Pani Puri time..

Buttermilk Stall

Chas Wala..

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