SHAHRUKH ROCKS!!! SHAHRUKH ROCKS!! and I will say that again from the top of the roof. I guess, this, one single line is enough to give you an idea about the movie. So let me not waste your time much and quickly move on to the stuff…

The story is pretty much straight forward, an Indian ex hockey player (Kabir Khan played by Shahrukh Khan) who decides to coach Indian women’s hockey team for the world cup. But the task is not easy, the 16 girls are from different states and they do not have skills to play on International level. The movie shows, how Kabir Khan, tackles every situation with a different approach and succeeds every time.

Okay, let’s talk about the actors. Well, apart from Shahrukh Khan and few side kick actors, most of the actors were acting for the first time. I would not say those were actors, it was all like as if they are getting trained in real life and people are cheering for them. The introduction scenes were just hilarious. Even the goals in every match made people clap and cheer. After a long time I was getting the feel of Lagaan. But the only difference here was, people were cheering for our national sport, Hockey not Cricket. And that too for the women’s team.

This movie has got the power to change the outlook of people towards Hockey. Apart from the promotions on the TV and everywhere, I think the most beneficial promotion for the movie will be word of mouth publicity. 

Let me give one quick example of this, till yesterday evening, I had a negative mind set for this movie and I was just telling everyone that, the movie is all gonna be same stupid story of Shahrukh making a bad team won the world cup (and actually it is about that only) but when one of my very good friend Ashok (he also writes movie reviews – his review) sent me message saying, the movie is 5 on 5. I was like shocked. I called him and he told me, the response was totally unbelievable. So i decided to buy the tickets, the guy at the ticket counter also told me that movie has got very good response. So now, this was the power of word of mouth publicity, it did what promos could not do. I went for the movie and I too SMS’d Ashok saying, it is definitely 5 on 5 material.. So this way movie is surely going to pickup very well.

Okay, I won’t let this review become story about my personal experience.. haha

So, to sum it up… on the acting front, Shahrukh Khan deserves all the clapping, perfectionist, a real coach…amazing actor… then comes, all the 16 girls, with the special mention for characters, Preeti (Segarika Ghatge), Komal (sorry, no idea about the actor’s name) and Bindia Naik (Shilpa Shukla).

Apart from acting, direction by Shimit Amin was superb, he placed everything at the correct place, leaving no room for the mistakes. I don’t remember any scene in the movie which was unnecessarily added. Cinematography was impressive too. (Specially in Australia). The music was kind of OK but couple of the songs were pretty impressive. (The title song and Maula Le Le Meri Jaan).

So in short, I really enjoyed the movie and I rate it [rating:4.5/5] (I want to give it 5 but not giving purposely.. 🙂 )

The movie might not become a blockbuster but this is surely going to create some ripples in the Indian Hockey scene.