We have seen many movies on history and on Gandhi but till now all the movies have focused on our independence or on the struggle of freedom fighter. But no one has ever made movie something on personal life of a freedom fighter. And this movie breaks that trend. As the name suggests, the movie is about relationship of a father and Son.

There is nothing much to say about the story, as the movie purely explores the relationship between father and son. In the first half the movie tries to show how the son, Harilal (Akshay Khanna) is not satisfied with his father, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Darshan Jhariwala). The son wants to study but the father fails to understand son’s feelings, father wants the son to fight for the justice. (Racism in South Africa). Harilal fights till one extent but later he decides to leave South Africa and settle in India with his wife.

2nd half is about how a father tries his best to bring back his son and how he fails, everytime.The 2nd half shows different shades of Harilal. It shows harilal going through failure in studies, unemployment, business failure, frauds and also change in his religion.

The movie is backed by solid performances by Akshay Khanna and Darshan Jhariwala. Even direction was pretty good. I really liked the scene where Harilal gifts his mother a orange and shouts Kasturba Zindabad where as everyone was shouting for Mahatma Gandhi.

Apart from impressive performances and superb direction the movie still lacks the brilliantness. The main hindrance was the slow pace of the movie. But on the other side, I feel, the movie needed detailed narration about the each character hence it resulted into slow pace. 

Overall, the movie was pretty good but it is not meant for everyone.

I would rate this movie [rating:3.5]

On the business front, I don’t see this movie doing good business but it will be surely loved by Critics. (And people in international awards)