When there is Anubhav Sinha, there is STYLE, STYLE AND STYLE but there no script. We had seen this in Dus and now he is back with his another stylish attempt, Cash.

Karan aka Doc (Ajay Devgan) is a con artist. He is also boyfriend of police officer Shania (Shamita Shetty). He hires 3 robbers, Danny (Zayed Khan), Lucky (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Pooja (Esha Deol) to steal some diamonds. This was done for Aditi (Diya Mirza) and Angad (Sunil Shetty). Ok, so they do some nasty stuff to divert the police, they get all 3 diamonds, money and all that. But the game is not over yet, police is still chasing them. So, expect more nasty and stupid stuff.

All sounds good right? But what if the execution is wrong and there are too many flaws in the script? Well, without that there is no Anubhav Sinha movie. They had really cool concept of showing cartoon characters in between but their biggest mistake here was, most of the important sequences in the action scenes were shown as cartoon, so that was mainly pissing off the people. 2nd bad thing was, overdose of so called Style. They were showing mindless stupid scenes just to show the  “style”. Take example of Dia Mirza’s introduction scene, I have no idea what she was trying to show by sitting in those odd positions. I am still trying to figure out how Lucky managed to trick the police so easily in the museum. (When he steals the painting in first half). Well, this is never going to end. They simply showed many stupid scenes just for the sake of style.

On the good side, I liked the music. The songs are perfect for the discos. Cinematography was top notch, even background music was pretty good.

On the acting front, Shamita Shetty was a joke. She was looking more like a candy floss rather than strong police officer. Ajay Devgan was pretty good. Dia Mirza looked lovely but she had very less to do. Sunil Shetty did nothing great except throwing his “English accent”. Esha was not bad but she was bit over exposed. She probably doesn’t know that she doesn’t look impressive in those bikinis. Ritesh and Zayad were good, nothing great.

So, to cut the crap, the movie was stylish piece of crap. Stay away from it.

I would rate this movie [rating:1.5]

On the business front, the movie should fetch good business in the first week (due to it’s hype) but it might fall down miserably 2nd week onwards.