Movie Info: The movie was released in 1984, directed by Rabindra Dharmaraj (Unfortunately he died before the release of the film). Starring Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Ranjit Chowdhry (Baton Baton Mein, Khatta Meetha). Smita Patil won National Award for her role in this movie.

Plot Summary: Amma (Smita Patil) and her son Benwa (Ranjit Chowdhry) move to Bombay’s slum-dwellers when her husband killed a moneylender who tried to rape her. The husband was then shot trying to steal some tin to build a hut. In Bombay she live with the vain pimp and petty crook Lukka (Naseeruddin Shah) , Benwa’s idol. Lukka is banned from Bombay by the police and Benwa marries the young Chenna (Anjali Paigankar). Amma acquires another lover Anna (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), a truck driver and become pregnant. Lukka reappears, ravaged by syphilis and drugs; he kills a chemist to feed his habit and hides in Amma’s hut. The cops find him and arrest both him and Benwa, beating them up in the process. Amma has a miscarriage in the scuffle. In the end, bulldozers arrives to flatten the entire slum place.

Source – Wikipedia

The movie mainly tries to show the life people living in the slums and how their life just roams around in the circle (Chakra). The movie focuses on more on the lives of Anna and her son Benwa. Smita Patil once again gives superb performance. I was totally impressed by her acting. On the other hand, Naseeruddin Shah was excellent in the role of Looka. Ranjit Chowdhry too impresses again. The role in this one was very different from his earlier movies (Khatta Meetha, Baton Baton Mein) but he played it very well.

I know, I am just saying good and excellent but these actors are so good that you just can’t find any fault in their acting.

Another best thing in the movie was, direction. Though the main focus of the movie was on Anna and her son but the director very well covered other characters too. It was all balanced, in short.

Okay, I will never stop praising these guys. Overall, the movie was pretty good. It was a pretty offbeat movie but it is a must watch for movie gores.

I would rate this movie [rating:4/5]