This one was released in 1974, directed by one of my favorite directors, Basu Chatterjee and starring Amol Palekar and Vidya Sinha.

The movie is about Deepa Kapoor (Vidya Sinha) who is in love with Sanjay (Amol Palekar). Deepa leaves for Mumbai for the job and she gets to meet her ex-boyfriend Naveen (Dinesh Thakur) there. Now this makes her life difficult. On one side, she wants to be with Sanjay.. who gave her everything and loves her madly. And on the other side, her past, Naveen for whom she still has got soft corner. She finally makes the decision. But to know more, get the DVD and watch it.

The movie is mainly focusing on the actress, Vidya Sinha than the actors. The whole story roams around her. Director has done very good job showing 2 sides of the Deepa’s mind. On the acting side, Amol Palekar was excellent as usual. (haha, He is one of my favorite actors, after all) I personally liked the scene when Sanjay goes for the movie and incidentally Deepa is also there in the theatre. The whole scene was just too funny and natural. Vidya Sinha suits perfectly for the role of Deepa. Saree clad woman, always looking at her best. All the actors were infact so natural.

The best part of Amol Palekar (or Basu Chatterjee) movies is, they make movies based on real lives of people. There is no one with million dollar property nor anyone with super power to fight all villains. Their movies are simply about people like you and me. And that is what makes their movies evergreen. You always enjoy to watch them anytime.

Okay, to sum it up. The movie is definitely a worth watch.

I would rate this movie: [rating:3.5/5]