This one was released in 1984 starring Amol Palekar, Deepti Naval, Dr. Shreeram Lagoo and Dina Pathak. It was directed by Amol Palekar himself. The movie also won national award in the same year.

Let’s move on to the movie..

Story: (Partially taken from the DVD cover)

An astrologer (Shreeram Lagoo), who prides himself on never being wrong with his predictions. And when he predicts his son’s (Amol Palekar) future, he fervently prays, that he could be wrong. He predicts that his son will get married twice. His first wife die within 9 months. His son, having full faith in his predictions, loves one woman (Devika Mukherjee), but marries another (Deepti Naval) thinking she will die within 9 months and he will get married to her lady love. Rest of the things are to watch.

The movie is based on a very sensitive topic of science and superstition. It shows how since wins over superstition and superstition can ruin someone’s life.

No doubt this was one of the very good movies of Amol Palekar but here Deepti Naval wins the heart by her excellent acting skills. On the direction front, I found Amol Palekar bit on the weaker side. No major issues but some roles of the characters, few things could have been placed in a better way. For example, the character of Indu’s father was not that impressive, actually the actor was not suiting well. Few other things like adding comedy in the serious scenes was kind of bad attempt. (When Nandu goes to the bar for a drink). Another bad thing was, the music. I have no idea if it was considered as hit  or not. But the songs were just about OK.

To sum up the whole thing, the movie was good, specially because of the topic. All the actors did their job very well, Deepti Naval was the best of all.

It is a must watch and I would rate it [rating:3]