Okay, time for some quick reviews of the movies I watched last / this week.


Things to look for:

People whistling and yelling when Rajnikanth’s name appear on the screen and on his first screen entry
Rajnikanth’s super cool style of having a chewing gum
– The style of putting the coin in his pocket too
– Don’t miss the goggle with wipers
– The first song of the movie, specially the guys with Rajni’s photo painted on their body
– Action – Unbelievable action but still total entertaining
– The actress Shriya, she’s  a cutiepie
– And ofcourse Rajni;s acting. I did not understand Tamil but I still enjoyed the movie, just because of his style and acting. Hats off.

Things NOT to look for:

The songs – I did not like any, may be because I could not understand a bit of it.

So overall, I really enjoyed the movie, it surely deserves [rating:3.5].
I wish I knew Tamil.

MP3 – Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai:

Things to look for:

– 1st half, it will surely make you go back to your school days
– Couple of songs, though I don’t remember the names but songs were pretty good

Things NOT to look for:

– Climax, very poor. Actually the whole story was pretty much predictable
– Flaws – many silly flaws, in the scenes as well as in the script. One scene would be, the guys booking the ticket on the Internet and swiping the credit card on swiping machine lol

So, overall, I would give it [rating:2] Nothing great in the movie.


Things to look for:

– Dharmendra, Dharmendra and Dharmendra. He was the real star of the movie
– Katrina Kaif – Heavenly beauty, I just love her
– Few boxing sequences, specially the fight between foreign guy and Sunny Deol was good
– Couple of songs, most of them were bad but couple of slow songs were good

Things NOT to look for:

– Bad story, very predictable. They tried to cover the main flaw with jam packed emotions but I guess it didn’t work well.
– That creepy English song. They play some stupid English song when the actors practice for the match. It was simply a lame effort to sing in English.

So, overall, the movie was kind of ok. It wasn’t that good, It can be watched on the DVD. I would rate it [rating:2.5]

That’s all. Gonna watch couple of classics this week but not sure whether I will be able to write reviews or not. But will try my best 🙂