11/07/2006 – Mumbai rocked by several bomb blasts in the local trains.. , more than 150 people died in the blasts. Government claims Lashkar-e-Taiba behind this, government says Pakistani nationals are involved in the blasts (which everyone already knew). Officials make big promises of tightening security everywhere and finding the culprits.

11/07/2007 – around 13 out of 28 are in the jail. Rest of them are having fun in Pakistan. No judgment is given for those 13 terrorists. They are still enjoying food and shelter in our jails. 

– Instead of hanging them till the death our dear government is feeding them free food.

– Officials got CCTV cameras installed in the bus after a year but in, only 1 bus out of 3600 buses. They were supposed to install CCTV camera in all the buses within 2 months after the blasts.

– CCTV cameras got installed at Andheri and Dadar station but in the wrong directions!!

– Security in the malls is still pathetic, the lazy security guards do no check the vehicles in the peak hours. (Checked in Nirmal Lifestyles and R Mall in Mulund)

– Mumbai police still says “We have not got the most wanted accused

it costs just Rs. 200 to cross Indo – Bangla border. India is still welcoming the terrorists.

– The government does nothing to beef up the security or to stop the corruption at vulnerable areas. (Borders, navy etc..)

– Free food in the jail attracts more terrorist to bomb places in India. 

– It is still very easy to bomb Mumbai.

– AND my Mumbai still cries…. 

~~~ Peace ~~~