WHAT A ROYAL CRAP!!! 10.30 PM houseful show, people entering with excitement and getting out with demands for the refund haha.. and I was one of them. I need my money back. I am sure this movie is gonna be one of the worst movies Yash Raj Films have ever made.

Let’s move on to the story (which I am yet to understand)

2 people meet on the station, waiting for someone. The guy – aka – Rikki Thukral (Abhishek Bachchan) is waiting for his fiance Anaida (Lara Dutta). The girl aka Alvira Khan (Preity Zinta) is waiting for her fiance Steve Singh (Bobby Deol).

So they both talked, discussed their love stories, how they met, they both even sang few songs, did some tattoo and stuff. And they found that they are in love with each other. But what? train has arrived. They both part their ways. (yea, they exchange phone numbers too) But wait a minute, none of them are engaged. They both just cooked up some stories just for the sake of it.

So now? they decide to meet, but they don’t have real fiances. They take help of friends to get fake fiances and they again sing songs, dance and even participate in the dance competition.

Okay, so the story is? Well, that’s it. They somehow manage to know that none of them is engaged and they can fall in love with each other lol

So to narrate the story or in other words, explain this story, director took more than 2 hours and around 30 minutes of songs. But the end result? People still wonder about the story.. haha

Nothing new in the story, first half is utter nonsense. Even first few minutes of 2nd half are bad, then it get back on the track but within next 10 minute, the same old crap starts.

I still do not know why the name of this movie is Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, it could have been Jarokha – the dance competition or may be Railway Station or may be.. oh leave it..

Leaving songs and few good scenes apart, whole movie was total nonsense.

On the acting front, Abhishek is good in few scenes but overall he was bad. Preity was in her usual role. Bobby looked like as if Dharmendra had slapped him and force him to act (and even dance), Bad!! Lara Dutta looked gorgeous, I liked her role as french hotel manager. Loved her accent.

On the music front, good songs, specially the title song (both the versions).

So overall? One of the pathetic movies I have ever seen. 1.5 on 5. Keep yourself away from this movie.

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