I just returned from Blogcamp Pune. The last session was at 4.30 PM but we left an hour early as we found things going haywire.

The things started around 9.40 AM with introduction to blogcamp Pune and introduction of the visitors started later. (which according to me was not necessary) Now, this delayed the first session from 10.30 AM to 11 AM.

I am not going to talk about every session as most of them were from the sponsors and were marketing oriented. Some even tried to pitch in the product but they forgot to have a good presentation, they kept on talking about their company and blog related stuff. They did not talk much about the product for which they were marketing haha

The only good session according to me was from Mumbai based blogger Melody on negative effects of blogging. Infact I really wanted to share some stuff on that issue but there was very less time in the end and infact she also could not finish it off properly.

I also wanted to speak on starting your own blog and earning from blogs but I don’t know I did not feel like conducting a session. The unorganized things put me off basically. The wifi needed some proxy settings to be configured to access and no information regarding the server information was provided in the rooms. The rooms did not have air conditioner, so this was another negative point. And the worst part was, only couple of blogging related sessions.

But, it happens, this is how we learn. The organizers will obviously learn from this mistakes and next time they will have something much better…

Note: This post was partially written around 6.30 PM

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